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Campfire Curmudgeon

Apr 29, 2020

Messianic cult leaders! The research for this episode was compiled by Christopher R. Smith. We had no idea this would be the last time we had the pleasure of collaborating with you. 

Thank you Chris, for all the hours of discussion, the passion, and knowledge you shared with us. A member of the Phoenix film community, a...

Nov 20, 2019

See below for content warnings. 

Hiya Campers! It's Heidi, editing this podcast at work... Editing is a term used lightly here... Ok so maybe I didn't exactly edit this one! Give me a a break! I'm a busy lady! Enjoy this week or uh months or uh.... enjoy this episode! It's about werewolf's, specifically about werewolf...

Sep 16, 2019

This is America, Aliens in my area! Area 51 that is! Gather round the campfire all you Kyles, Naruto Runners, Karens, Rock Throwers, and everyone else too! Join us, as we reflect on the absurdities of the Area 51 Raid. See if our predictions of how it will all go down will come true! 

Jul 11, 2019

And now for something COMPLETELY alien! Join the curmudgeon flight crew as they discuss the most boring government news of 2019: Aliens and “whatchamacallits” aka ufos are real and still UNKNOWN! From naval aviators to air force bureaucrats, it’s not like you need perfect vision or top secret clearance to see...

May 31, 2019

Spectrophilia and a new host! Oh my! That's right Campers! Help us welcome our new host Justin Wade! He's skeptical, he's witty, and he'll always speak his mind! Join the threesome. WAIT NO! I mean... A Nerd, a Goth, and a Bro walk into a bar. It's not joke. That's just your hosts of the Campfire...