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Campfire Curmudgeon

Episode 2 Half-asstral Sources

Jul 30, 2017

Time-Life Books, Mysteries of the Unknown series

Jul 30, 2017

In this episode your hosts discuss astral projection and out of body experiences. Nicholas and Heidi are joined by a very special guest, Christopher R. Smith. Christopher is the co-host of The John Carpentcast and a local screenwriter. His notable projects include Directing as well as being a writer for Biology 101 and...

Get ready for episode 2

Jul 30, 2017

Who's ready for another episode!? Our newest episode will be available tomorrow!! Just in time for your Monday morning commute! We have a very special guest with you, who gives us some incredible personal experiences.

Upcoming episode theme

Jul 24, 2017

Hey Campers! We are currently gathering research for an upcoming episode. The theme of this episode is, Do the Dead Visit Us? Is there life after we die? If you have any stories about being visited or receiving a sign from a friend or relative who has passed, we want to hear it! Send your stories to

Jul 23, 2017

Our very first episode! Nicholas and Heidi discuss haunted objects, include a haunted dollhouse Heidi once owned!