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Campfire Curmudgeon

Sep 25, 2017

Get ready for another round of campfire stories, and this one really sucks! Join us for a discussion about Vampires! (We are starting to feel that Halloween spirit) This episode has a very special guest! Rachel joins us with lots of fun facts about vampires, including a tangent about virgin horses.... Yeah you won't...

Sep 18, 2017

3 year old kids are the best at being creepy. Or so some of the tales we have for you this week will have you believing. Or maybe you'll be a curmudgeon about them. Who knows? Find out! Listen! 

I don't know, I just describe things, man.

Sep 14, 2017

Join Nick and Heidi for more garbled facts about the Victorian Spiritualism movement and learn some surprising facts about what the Fox Sisters could could do with their toes. *No not THAT!* Don't forget to stay tuned after the episode for some interesting outtakes. Prince Albert.... in a can.... No not THAT...

Tasty Ectoplasm Sources

Sep 10, 2017

Research Sources:

Time-Life Books Psychic Powers (Mysteries of the Unknown) ISBN-10: 0809463083