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Campfire Curmudgeon

Aug 6, 2018

Gather 'round Campers! In this episode we share a listener-submitted story from Alan, who grew up in North jersey with his friend Ed. Alan was nice enough to compile these true events, with some help from Ed, into this captivating story! 

Some things are only known to others through the stories that are told over the years. This is one of those things but only now is the story being told. A hazy memory of a summer night that chilled us to
bone we dare not repeat. Our youth wrought an indestructible feeling within us but fear of something we didn’t understand had made us humble. The sacred land of our youth was filled with mystery after we
thought it all boring and predictable. There are things that live in the space between the dust of the ground and the living above that should never be disturbed.....

Alan T.
Yardley, PA